Trico Centre is home to several health and wellness-related services. By offering services that enrich physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness, these tenants add in a significant way to the community and family-wellness mission of Trico Centre.


Trico Centre Tenants

Panther Sports Medicine Clinic:  Upper Level overlooking Pool
Phone: 403-278-5311  

KUMON Math and Reading Centre: Atrium Level
Phone: 403-457-0068

Green Door Nursery School: Upper Level through South Entrance
Phone: 403-271-5400

Lifetime Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic: Atrium Level
Phone:  403-457-2044

Massage for Health Clinic: Atrium Level
Phone:  403-225-0763

JUGO Juice  Upper Level (under new management!)


User Groups

Bow Valley Hockey Society: Lower Level by Arena #2 Phone: 403-225-8564

Trico Centre is very proud to be the home of Bow Valley Hockey Society (BVHS.) Once young hockey players have learned the basics through Trico Centre’s Learn-to-Skate and Hockey Programs, they can graduate to the “big leagues.”

Bow Valley Hockey Society was established in 1987. BVHS is committed to providing players an opportunity to grow as individuals and gain self esteem through a positive hockey experience that emphasizes fun, participation, development, safety and respect for the Calgary communities of Auburn Bay, Cranston, Douglasdale, Mahogany, McKenzie Lake and Seton.

For more information, visit the Bow Valley Hockey Society website.


FLC Seniors Club: Upper Level

Trico Centre for Family Wellness is home to the FLC Seniors Club – the biggest seniors club in Western Canada.

FLC Seniors Club is independent of Trico Centre – but a very important part of the Trico Family. The Club offers many programs for older adults, either in the Seniors Room or in other rooms at Trico Centre. These programs are designed to lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle and provide opportunities to improve and maintain health, joint and muscle flexibility, as well as weight control.

Some activities offered by the FLC Seniors in the Trico Centre building include bridge, Brushstrokes (painting), calligraphy, camera club, coffee group, cribbage, line dancing, yoga, whist, and tai chi. The Club also offers many other activities as well.

For more information about the programs and services of the FLC Seniors Club and for how to become a member, please check their website.