Trico Centre’s pool and showers are CLOSED until further notice to help limit water use in Calgary.

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Personal Training

Trico Centre is excited to introduce “Train with Trico”, a new approach to Personal Training. A pay-as-you-go structure, designed for greater flexibility. Following a minimum of three sessions, all subsequent training will come with no obligations, no specified termination date, and no significant upfront payments.

Trico Centre’s experienced trainers are either Kinesiologists or certified personal trainers.  They have combined experience with older adults, rehab and injury prevention, athletic training, and healthy lifestyle coaching.

A personal trainer offers much more than just exercise advice and company during a workout.  Experienced, educated and encouraging trainers like the ones you’ll find at Trico will offer lifestyle coaching, time management and support on staying motivated.  Our certified personal trainers will also be able to tailor each exercise session to your individual needs, fitness & exercise levels, and health and injury history. Your workouts will be safe and effective.

1 hour session

Individual Session $66.40 $83.00
Semi-Private Session $52.00/person $65.00/person

To arrange your FREE 30 min Training consult, please submit:

    Meet our Trainers

    No outside coaches, instructors or personal trainers are permitted in Trico Centre