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Community Events Bulletin Board

Trico Centre works in partnership with over 30 community associations in south Calgary. You can find information on their events, memberships, celebrations, and other activities in this space. Community association executive members can submit information about their event (pictures are welcome!) to us at marketing@tricocentre.ca, and we will review and post them as they come in. Please note that they are NOT listed in chronological order, so scroll through them all to find new events!


Please note that this gardening contest is only open to residents of Evergreen (not including Evergreen Estates). For more information, click here.


Now in its 10th year, Neighbour Day is an opportunity for Calgarians to celebrate our community spirit and kindness.

Neighbour Day started in June 2014 to recognize the incredible outpouring of support and generosity of neighbours following the 2013 floods. Each year on the third Saturday in June, we continue to celebrate one of the things that makes Calgary such a great city—our strong and caring communities.