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Registered Fitness Classes

Did you know that in addition to the dozens of drop-in classes Trico Centre offers each month, there are also specialized group classes that you can register for?

Whether it’s in the pool, the fitness centre, or one of our fitness studios, exercising with your peers will help keep you fit, healthy, and accountable. Some of these classes take place more than once a day, so you can even pick the time that works best for your schedule. Yoga, weightlifting, aquafit, and more – make the resolution to try something new!


Winter registration opens November 7th for members! November 9th for non-members!


*NEW* Building Better

Better Balance Program

In partnership with Alberta Health Services, this program is designed to help you prevent falls, improve balance, stay strong and maintain independence. The exercises focus on core stability, balance and gait, muscle strengthening, flexibility and endurance. This program is for adults 65 years of age and over. Participants are assessed and monitored. Participants must attend at least 75% or 6 out of 8 classes per month. Please call 403-225-5561 to register.

Better ‘Betes Program

Exercise is a key factor to managing Diabetes (Type I, Type II, or pre-diabetes) and regulating your blood sugars. Based on the most up-to-date research from C-Change, Diabetes Canada and the NIDDK, cardio and weight training is combined in this class to facilitate 120 minutes of moderate activity a week, led by our professional trainers.

Better Boner Program

We “erected” this program with the root goal to address Pelvic Floor rehab and function in men. About 1/4 men will have some dysfunction in life, at any time about 1/8 already do, but on average it takes 6 YEARS to diagnose. Learn proper contraction, relaxation and coordination of the pelvic floor and associated structures in the area. Proper function may result in improved performance in life, in sport; and of course, in bed. The stigma around men’s pelvic floors is “stiff”: demystify and destigmatize. “Get up” for this class, I know I “wood.”

Bone Builders

Focused on maintaining bone health, creating strength and power, and minimizing your risk of falling. This weight-room based class makes our seniors strong! Not to be confused with building boners.

Better Backs Program

Too much slouching over a desk? Stiff and sore from daily activities or lack there of? This solution can be a light rehabilitative class or a preventative measure. Better Backs can help strengthen back muscles and alleviate low back pain. In this 8-week series we look to release muscular tension and decompress the spine, while building functional strength through extension and rotation. Explore ways to help reduce back discomfort and to strengthen and increase flexibility.

Pilates for the Pelvic Floor

A lack of pelvic floor awareness results in weakness that impacts musculoskeletal, urinary, reproductive and digestive health. It can contribute to back pain and sacroiliac/ hip instability and can affect anybody from the young and active to the older adult. In this class you’ll gain awareness and re-learn how to properly utilize this oft-neglected musculature. All genders welcome!

Registered Fitness Classes

Women On Weights (WOW)

A safe comfortable environment for women to learn how to lift effectively. Dive into the do’s & don’t’s of the gym, and de-bunk many fitness, health and wellness myths. Build your foundations of breath, posture and connection; then build muscle/definition, strength & power. Machine exercise, free weights, cardio and core are all covered.

Snow Sport

Whether you ski or board, get ready to hit the slopes with Snow Sport. Building your core stability, leg strength & rotational power now will get your season started right and prepare you for those first pow days.

Tap Dance for Beginners

Lace up those tap shoes and come dance with us! This beginner adult tap class introduces fundamental steps, rhythms, and combinations for those who are interested in the art of tap dancing. This class is a wonderful way to get moving, connect with the community, and learn a new skill in an easy-going and welcoming environment!

Aqua for Arthritis

This innovative deep water and transitional class uses the water and warm temperatures make for the perfect environment to help anyone with joint afflictions: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, late-stage hip/knee replacement recovery, etc. This is a gentle water work out designed with movements recommended by the arthritis foundation aquatic program. 45 minutes of deep-water exercises are much the same as a regular class performed more slowly and with a focus on joint health and range of motion and flexibility. Then 15 minutes for the final stretch and fine motor patterns in the hot tub makes for the perfect finish!

Bootcamp & Beers!

Biceps+Beer+Burpees+Brew+Buddies= Bootcamp & Beers!
Looking to get back into your gym routine? Or maybe you’re looking to try something new.
Join us Tuesday Nights for a Trainer-led Strength & Cardio fitness class- followed by a ‘sociable’ at one of our partner pubs! It’s the perfect chance to get your fitness journey back on track and at the same time, meet new friends – or catch up with old friends!

Registered Mind/Body Programs

Chair Yoga

Have you hesitated to try yoga because it’s challenging to get down on the floor? Now a chair becomes your mat. Just about any pose that can be done standing, sitting or lying on a mat can be adapted to a chair. Class includes breathing, meditation, stretching, strengthening and lots of fun!

Tai Chi/ Qi Gong

This is an effective and enjoyable way to improve flexibility, balance, coordination and relaxation. Qi Gong means “Energy work”. The Dharma Qi Gong forms help muscles and tendons become stronger, more relaxed and more flexible. Qi Gong and Tai Chi are gentle ancient Chinese exercise for modern people, can be practiced by people of all ages.

NEW Registered Adapted Fitness Series

Adapted Strength

A unique class for those with developmental disabilities. Using the TRX and other implements, safe and supported strength and fitness training is designed for increasing muscle tone and improving balance and function. Get stronger, get more active and get social! Aides are encouraged to assist where and when needed.

Adapted Zumba

The adapted Zumba program is aimed at increasing physical activity levels and motor coordination in a fun and positive atmosphere. Open to those with additional physical, mental and/or emotional needs. Focusing on fine motor skills, following directions, and building confidence. The class will have all development aspects like team work, confidence, memory, and creativity. Aides are welcome and free of charge.

Adapted Yoga

This specialized class teaches those with special needs adaptive yoga/stretching. All abilities and all ages welcome! Modifications and alternatives are always given so that everyone feels success and comfort. Breathing and relaxation provide soothing to delicate nervous systems. Yoga poses and adapted stretching provide grounding, strength and balance improvements. Participants leave with the tools they need to deal with sensory stimulation and changes helping them to be successful in school, work, relationships and life.

Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal yoga classes go well beyond simply modifying yoga poses. We celebrate community and strive to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Addressing any aches or pains in your body, expressing anxiety you may be experiencing and connecting with others in a safe space, all with the goal of making you feel more comfortable.
Stretch, strengthen and balance the pelvis, pelvic floor and all associated structures with the intention of encouraging your baby into a more optimal birthing position so you may have a more functional, less complicated birth and help quicken postpartum recovery
Safe for all trimesters and modifications are offered. Gentle targeted stretches, breathing, visualization and relaxation that make the birth experience easier and more joyful. It will get you ready physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth of your baby.

Baby & You Yoga

Targeted, gentle poses designed for the changing needs of your body and mind. This supportive class helps rebuild core strength, improve posture, increase energy levels and reduce symptoms of postpartum depression. Help your body heal! Pre-mobile babies recommended.

Baby & You Barre

This class focuses on posture, core strength and flexibility, and is inspired by a blend of dance, strength training and yoga. This class uses the barre, along with resistance bands, light weights and bender balls. The results? A long, lean, strong body. Pre-mobile babies recommended. Please bring blankets and carriers.

Baby & You Strong

Gentle stretches, range of motion, core strengthening and general strength is addressed, all designed and appropriate for newer moms. Pre-mobile babies recommended.

Baby & You AquaFit

Ease back into fitness and introduce your baby to water! This program is designed for caregivers and babies from 6 months to 2 years. Seated in a Dolphin Floater, an approved floatation device, your little one will be safely tethered to your side while you jog, strengthen and stretch in the water. Swim diapers with a plastic pant over top are required.

Note: This class may include one session with waves.

NEW Run Club

Run Club: Water Running

Looking to return to, or increase, your training without the extra impact and pounding? Want to enjoy an off-season without losing the endurance and stamina? Join us in the water for some Deep Water Running. Aerobic energy systems, running postures, strength & mobility will be addressed in a new medium.

Run Club: Strength & Roll

After a week’s worth of running, take the time to do the drills and exercises you should but never do on your own. Includes rehab/pre-hab, power, stretching and rolling.