Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: What is it?

In July of 2014 the Canadian Anti-spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect.  This legislation was meant to keep your email box free from unwanted messages.  To that end, Trico Centre is committed to making sure that every email from us is one that you want to receive.

Your consent is important to us and your permission is required in order for us to share our messages with you.  The legislation restricts the sending of Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) according to the CASL rules.  This includes any electronic messages that encourage participation in a commercial activity, regardless of whether there is an expectation of profit, such as the sale of goods and/or services.  There are however, certain exemptions for charitable and other organizations.

It is important to note that not every email from an organization is CEM correspondence regarding goods or services.  Some email correspondence may be about goods and/or services that have already been purchased or have been inquired about, which falls under regular business communication and is not part of the CEM rules.  Organizations must receive consent from recipients before sending out anything deemed to be a CEM.

Consenting to receive Emails: Types of Consent

There are different types of consent; express or implied. Express consent is when the recipient has clearly agreed to receive CEMs and it remains valid until the recipient withdraws consent (Unsubscribes).

Implied consent is when there is an existing business relationship in place. When CASL came into effect, a transition period of 36 months from July 1, 2014 was put in place to obtain express consent from these existing customers, as well as to provide a way to unsubscribe.

For additional information on the CASL rules, here is the link to the Government of Canada Fight Spam website

How Trico Centre is Complying

Trico Centre sends many business notifications by emails. Therefore, if you have provided us with your email address we will send you the following types of correspondence:

  • sales receipts
  • updates about programs you have purchased such as class cancellations or reminders of first or last class
  • facility updates such as hours changes over long weekends or scheduled shut downs of specific areas
  • answer questions you have sent to us when you provide your email address
  • membership renewals
  • program registrations dates

Trico Centre Monthly E-Newsletter

Trico Centre’s monthly E-Newsletter does fall under the CEM rules, and we will require the express consent for the newsletter to be sent to your email address.  Trico Centre will only send emails to individuals who have given their email address to us directly; we DO NOT obtain or purchase personal information such as emails through third parties.  Nor, do we sell or provide our lists and information to other companies.

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe

If you would like to subscribe to our E-Newsletter you can do so by creating an account on our new registration software. By completing this registration and opting into communications, you are providing express consent for Trico Centre to send you the E-Newsletter.

If you wish to unsubscribe to our E-Newsletter, please login to your registration account, click on my account, and uncheck the “opt-in” button.  Additionally, you can contact us via email or by telephone and request that we remove you from our E-Newsletter list.  If you prefer not to subscribe to the E-Newsletter, we will still record your email address should you like to receive other business notices and mark your email address as “private” within our system.