Trico Centre’s pool and showers are CLOSED until further notice to help limit water use in Calgary.

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Trico Cares: Fee Assistance for Passes and Admissions

Wellness Access Initiatives

Trico Centre is dedicated to cultivating a culture of well-being, where patrons are inspired to pursue healthy lifestyles through affordable, innovative programs and service excellence.

Trico Centre offers assistance with Admission and Membership Fees through our Trico Cares program.

Simply present photo ID and your City of Calgary Fee Assistance Card* to our friendly Guest Services Staff, and you automatically qualify for 60% off our admission prices! It’s that simple!

You can enjoy all the benefits of being a Trico Centre Member, including access to over 35 adult drop-in group fitness classes, and the flexibility of our no-fuss, no-penalty cancellation policy!

Member Passes - Wellness Access Fee

60% off regular membership prices Continuous Monthly Fee
Child (newborn-11 years) $7.80
Teen (12-17 years) $12.80
Full-Time Student (18-24 years)
(Student ID and current semester timetable required)
Adult (18-59 years) $29.30
Adult Couple (18-59 years) $47.20
Family: One Adult
(1 Adult, children under 18 included)
Family: Two Adults
(2 Adults, children under 18 included)
60 Plus (60+ years) $21.50
60 Plus Couple (60+ years) $33.30

Daily Admission - Wellness Access Fee

60% off regular admission prices Daily 10-Visit
Infant (under 2 years) Free Free
Preschooler (2-6 years) $1.40 $12.60
Child (7-11 years) $2.50 $22.50
Teen (12-17 years) $3.70 $33.30
Adult (18-59 years) $6.40 $57.60
Family: One Adult
(1 adult, children under 18 included)
$9.50 $85.50
Family: Two Adults
(2 adults, children under 18 included)
$12.80 $115.20
60 Plus (60+ years) $3.60 $32.40

Access 2 Card

The Access 2 card is for people of all ages and types of permanent disabilities who require the assistance of a support person at hundreds of participating entertainment, cultural and recreational venues across Canada, including Trico Centre. A support person is an adult who accompanies a person with a permanent disability to assist with services that are not ordinarily provided by the employees at the venue, such as assistance with eating, administering medication, communication and use of the facilities.

To use at Trico Centre:

  1. The Access 2 cardholder (the individual with the disability) presents the Access 2 card at Guest Services.
  2. The Access 2 cardholder pays regular admission price.
  3. The Access 2 cardholder receives 1 Free or discounted admission for their support person.

Thank you for your donation in 2022