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Trico Centre welcomes new sponsor for FLC Seniors Room

Cheryl Donnelly Realty will be sponsoring the FLC Seniors Room in 2023 and beyond. Cheryl is a CIR REALTY agent and has worked in real estate for almost 25 years. She has recently partnered with her daughter Sydney, an interior design specialist, and is focused on providing her experience and expertise to families of all ages, particularly those considering down- and right-sizing their living space.

Cheryl is also a longtime member of Trico Centre. She has been a loyal supporter for almost 20 years, and you can usually find her down in the fitness centre. This year, Cheryl decided that she wanted to become even more involved with our not-for-profit facility, and chose to sponsor the FLC Seniors Room, the meeting place of one of Canada’s largest seniors groups.

Later this year, Cheryl will be hosting free seminars called “Right-Sizing for Retirement”, an open event for anyone interested in learning more abut this topic. To RSVP for these events she will be hosting at Trico Centre in 2023, go to her Facebook page.