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Trico Centre 2023 Spring 50/50 Raffle

As part of our 40th anniversary celebration and fundraising efforts, Trico Centre is conducting a 50/50 raffle with all proceeds going towards the purchase of a new Olympia ice resurfacer! Both of our arenas are busy throughout the year: in addition to the hundreds of hockey games and tournaments that are played on our ice, we also offer skating lessons, figure skating programs, drop-in shinny hockey, stick and puck, ringette, and much more from January to December every single year. The Olympia is in constant use, resurfacing both ice surfaces several times a day… and the time has finally come for it to be replaced.

By purchasing a ticket in our 50/50 raffle, you will be helping us acquire this valuable, and very important, piece of machinery. All proceeds collected will be used to purchase our next Olympia. Not only will your direct support affect the thousands of people that skate in our arenas each year, you also have the opportunity to win cash for yourself!

50/50 tickets are:
Single Ticket for $5;
5-Ticket Pack for $10;
20-Ticket Pack for $20

Deadline: Friday, June 16, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

To purchase your ticket(s), or for more information, click here.