OSC Team

Out of School Care Coordinator

I have recently joined Trico OSC and I will be working as the Coordinator of the marvellous Out of School Care Program. I enjoy working with children because they are unapologetically true to themselves and they make the world a funnier, more colorful and wondrous place to be.

A fun fact about me is that I recently started with drawing and painting lessons. 


Room Lead

I’ve been at Trico for 2 years. I did my practicum in OSC and loved it so much I took on a workers position. 

This year I decided to try something new and be a room lead! 

I love seeing a child’s face when they are engrossed in playing or completing an activity. Their faces light up with pure joy and excitement. That is why I love working with children. 

Room Lead

I have been at Trico for almost 6 years and starting my 4th at OSC. I was a Room Lead for the Seekers, Explorers, and now starting a new journey with the Innovators program! 

I love learning from the kids in the program, making positive impacts in their lives, and most of all building relationships with children and families.

Fun Fact! I love golfing and got a hole in one when I was 12 years old. 

Room Lead

I’ve been at OSC program at Trico Centre since September 2020 as a Child Care Worker. I love being around children because I think they make me a better person. Also, their curiosity and intrigue amazes me, and I love to be the person to get ask their questions and share with them their discoveries.  

Fun Fact! I’ve been dancing latín and hip hop since I was a little girl. 


Room Lead

I began working at Trico Centre in the fall of 2018 as a skating and hockey coach and absolutely loved it! I later became a day camp leader, and started in OSC in January 2021. I love the children’s energy and creativity, and being able to create meaningful relationships with them is so rewarding. 

OSC Worker

I have worked with youth for 8 years total, through both volunteering and paid work. I will be starting the Early Childhood Education & Development Certificate program through Bow Valley in the winter. I joined Trico 7 years ago, but this is only my 3rd year working in OSC. I enjoy working with kids and joined Trico because I enjoy interacting with youth & enjoy seeing them grow and develop socially, physically and mentally. My hobbies outside of Trico include watching hockey (GO FLAMES!) and being involved in my favourite sport, basketball, which includes both playing in a Mens league as well as volunteering as an assistant coach at a nearby junior high school. 


OSC Worker

I started at Trico this summer in day camps and I loved it so much I asked if I could stay for OSC! My favourite thing about working with kids is building meaningful, positive relationships with them. When a kid turns back around on their way out the door to say “see you tomorrow!” with a big grin on their face, that makes me feel so happy. 

Fun fact about me: I love to watch Jeopardy! and I’ve even taken the test to be on the show.

OSC Worker

I’ve recently started working at Trico as an Out of School Care Worker. I enjoy working with children because I admire their creativity, resilience and way of seeing things. I love how I can learn from them and they can learn from me. 

 Fun fact: I’m bilingual so I can speak English and Spanish fluently!

OSC Worker

I began working at Trico this September, 2020. I'm excited to be starting this new position and getting to know everyone!

It's incredibly rewarding to see how children grow and learn as you work with them, and there's always lots that I think adults can learn from being around them, too!

I love to sew, and have made my own clothes and Halloween costumes before.

Program Lead

I have been at Trico for about two years  now. I am currently working as a Program Lead for our OSC Program.

Children motivate me to be better in all aspects! I love that no single day at work is the same! I learn so much from them. Their curious nature and perspective of childlike wonder of the world around them, never ceases to amaze me! Knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their full potential and to help them feel happier and better about themselves, brings a huge smile to my face, everyday! 

Fun Fact: Ask me anything about food and cars! I’m a total foodie and an absolute car fanatic! 

OSC Worker

I have recently joined Trico OSC and I will be working as a child care worker. I enjoy working with young kids because they remind me about my own childhood. Teaching young children is fun and it is a joy to see them grow, play and learn.

OSC Worker

I have recently joined Trico OSC this January but have worked in Australian out of school care programs for the last two years! I have my Bachelors in Psychology and a Post-graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching. I have a special interest in child development, and love interacting with kids in both play and learning environments. It’s so fun to watch them grow up and develop into unique individuals.

Fun fact: I love to read fiction books and am always binge-watching tv shows!


OSC Worker

I have recently started working at Trico as an OSC Worker. I love working with children because they represent hope and bright future to me. I like that no single day at work is the same, there is always so much room for children and leaders to learn and explore.

Fun Fact: I am a really good Henna Artist.


Programs Manager

Bus Driver