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Nominate your favourite Trico Centre fitness instructor!

Calling all group fitness participants!

Each year, Impact Magazine selects the top 10 trainers or instructors in each region to be profiled in their Inspiration Issue.

If you have a favourite instructor, please consider nominating them for this award!

The form requests the trainer email – if you don’t know your favourite instructor’s email address, feel free to use “fitnessteam@tricocentre.ca” and we’ll be sure they are alerted 🙂


Trico Centre Fitness Instructors

Aileen Alfonso
Wendy Ashe
Janine Babey
Isabelle Carcamo
Helen Cheung
Pam David
Andrea Dawe
Monica Espinosa
Shannon Ferguson
Dave Goldenberg
Nicole Hanna
Robert Kamis
Donna Kanomata
Linda King

Justin Love-Rempel
Kaley Maksymyk
Curtiss Matson
Jenifer McLaughlin
Kathie Moore
Sara Nicolichuk
Tanya Reid
Paul Rescanski
Susan Roszell
Melissa Schaffer
Christine Shudra
Janet Sparrow
Heather Teichrob
Kelly Yoo