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Group Fitness Policy

RESERVATION WINDOW: The reservation window for ALL group fitness classes (regardless of start time) will open at noon, 5 days prior to class. This makes it a standard (memorable) time for every class and doesn’t penalize people busy in a class to get into a future one.

CANCELLATION WINDOW: If you are unable to attend, please ensure you cancel your spot. The cancellation deadline is 6 hours before class. For example, you must cancel your spot in a 4:45pm class before 10:45am. This is to assist movement of other members off the waitlist and into classes.

NO SHOW POLICY: Members will lose their pre-booking privileges for 3 no-shows in a 3-month period.

GUEST SERVICES CHECK-IN: Please mark your name on the appropriate clipboard at Guest Services. Our scanner is not connected to the class bookings and scanning does not constitute a “check-in”.

If you have not checked in 10 minutes before class, drop-ins will be admitted in your absence.

Phone call reservations/cancellations will not be accepted.

STUDIO #4 CHECK-IN: Upon Guest Services check-in, please obtain a card to hand to your Mind/Body instructor before class begins. This is to better control who has paid for admissions and who has not.

STUDIO ACCESS: Studio access will be limited to 15 minutes prior to class for all classes.

STUDIO #4 SET UP (Mind/Body): There are markers on the floor. Please align your mats so the top right-hand corner of your mat is on a marker. This will help facilitate more people comfortably into classes.