Trico Centre’s pool and showers are CLOSED until further notice to help limit water use in Calgary.

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Enter to win up to $10,000 in the Trico Centre Winter 50/50 raffle!

Trico Centre is more than just a fitness centre. We are a welcoming community hub in south Calgary, offering affordable fitness, wellness programs, and a supportive atmosphere for individuals and families of all ages. Established in 1983, we’re deeply rooted in the community and promote wellness, integrity, and inclusivity. With unparalleled membership value, personalized staff and local partnerships, we provide holistic wellness and innovative programming, ensuring everyone feels at home, safe, engaged, and empowered.

As a non-profit organization, Trico Centre relies on community support to continue providing its essential services. This winter and spring, you can help Trico Centre raise funds for its health and wellness programs… and help yourself as well! Our online 50/50 runs until April 30th, and the winner could take home up to $10,000! For more information or to purchase tickets, please go to our 50/50 page.

For other ways you can donate to Trico Centre, please go to our Donate page, where you can learn more about how your financial help enables us to purchase important equipment, resources, and more. You can also donate toys, crafts, and books when needed.