Physical Literacy

Trico kids demonstrating physical literacy

Trico Centre Children's Programs are designed with Physical Literacy in mind. Physical Literacy is the development of fundamental movement and sport skills. Much like when they learn to read, children learn to throw, run, jump, and swim one skill at a time and one step at a time. Trico Centre’s classes help them learn the basics skills of movement and sports, the right way. Physical literacy gives children the building blocks to grow physically and helps them start on the path to being physically health, confident, and active for life.

Physical Literacy Q & A

Why don’t I see a lot of specific sport classes like I used to, for example, soccer?

We know that each sport skill requires the use of different muscles and skills. Our programs promote complete body development and movement which allows children to have the basics skills to take into any sport they are interested in. Many of our programs are multisport so that children can learn all the basic sports skills – and they will be able to learn in a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, floor hockey, baseball, and more.

Why is Physical Literacy important for my child?

Our bodies are made to do many skills. Through classes that teach skills that are used in many different sports, muscles are developed in different ways, strengthening and teaching our bodies to be able to move in many ways and lessening the chance of injury later in activities. For example, a child in multisport environment learns how to kick in many different activities - kicking a soccer ball and kicking underwater are the same motion but each uses the muscles differently. Through multisport classes, your child will have the opportunity to try different activities and grow into one or many sports they love and build their confidence in being successful in different movements.

How does it affect my child’s abilities?

At Trico Centre, we work with children to develop their basic skills and start them off right from the start. For example, once they learn how to swing their arms effectively, they will be able to use that skill in multiple sports like skiing, golf, baseball, running, badminton etc. These developmental skills will grow with your child and help them succeed in a variety of sports and activities along with building their self-esteem and I CAN DO IT attitude.

I want my child to enjoy being active. Is Physical Literacy fun?

Fun is the most important part of all of our programs. When your child is playing and having fun they don’t know they are learning the skills we are instructing and will grow to love any activity they are engaged in.

Why are most of your sport programs only 45 minutes?

We find a 45-minute class works best for energy of the children. Children will have warm up, skill building, drills and games at the end, and fun and play all the way through. We want to ensure that children have a chance to succeed at their own pace in the class and feel confident and motivated.