Group Fitness Classes


Fitness Classes 

Athletic Step

Step started in the 80’s, but has grown over 30 years.  It’s evolved into less dance, more athleticism, less emphasis on choreography, more of a total body workout.  Join Athletic Step for one of the best cardio workouts you’ll get.



Based around the principles of ballet barre and dance conditioning, this class will help you develop core strength, improve posture and increase your flexibility, while challenging both your upper and lower body to maintain muscle tone.



Amp up your strength, power and metabolism through resistance training. Expect a full-body strength-based class using a variety of equipment including barbells, body weight and free weights. Often strength and power are the missing piece to a great workout regime.



Keep your heart-rate pumping through an exhilarating interval-based workout.  Work at your own pace to get lean and strengthen targeted muscle groups.


Sculpt & Core

Looking to tone up your body? This muscular endurance class works the entire body with the use of various equipment (ie. weights, tubing, steps and more).  If you like to feel the burn, this class is for you. All fitness levels welcome.



The TRX is a suspension-based system relying almost completely on body weight exercises.  We challenge you-vs-you in this strength-based class with off-frame stations. This class will teach proper form and technique on the TRX suspension trainers and deliver a comprehensive, challenging workout.



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Fitness in a fun and welcoming atmosphere! Dance to motivating, high-energy Latin and international music; rhythm changes let you improve your cardiovascular fitness.


Indoor Cycling Classes


Saddle up, put your head down and ride! Motivating music & little voice in your ear telling you to go, go, go. This ride will simulate varied terrain as you tackle rolling hills, sprints and other drills to give you a great high intensity interval workout.  All fitness level welcome.


Cycling & Barre

1) See Cycling, 2) see Barre, 3) put them together.


Cycling & Core

1) See Cycling, 2) add core work, 3) put them together.


Teen Series

Teens Only! Restricted to 12-18 years old

Bring all your buds for a spin on the bike. Sprint, climb and interval drills set to music and motivators.


Really fun, Really hard! Learn and perform new exercises and workouts, while meeting new friends with similar interests. Whether you want to get started or get stronger, this is the time to go!


School stress, parent problems, competition or other stresses are secondary in Teen: Yoga. Take some time to unwind by yourself or with a friend. Relax and help your mental health and physical wellbeing.


Older Adult Fitness Classes

Fit 'n Fab

A gentle aerobic and muscle conditioning class designed with the older adult in mind.  Improve balance, aerobic endurance, flexibility and muscle tone.


Gentle Fit

An active, social class designed to to enhance your cardiovascular/respiratory systems, improve bone density and develop your balance.  This class uses chairs rather than mats for many strengthening/stretching exercises.


sTRXngth 55+

The TRX is a suspension-based system relying almost completely on body weight exercises.  We challenge you-vs-you in this strength-based class with off-frame stations. This class will teach proper form and technique on the TRX suspension trainers and deliver a comprehensive, challenging workout.


Mind/Body Classes


Pilates creates a method of total body conditioning that will emphasize body alignment, core and muscle strength, and flexibility.  This class facilitates general movement, and posture awareness, and is excellent cross training for many sports (i.e. running, golf, skiing, etc.). 


Yoga is a combination of many things, a veritable yin and yang.  Strength and flexibility training is accomplished through many different asanas (or poses).  Mind and spirit are calmed through pranayama (or breathing and meditation practices).  Afterwards the body and soul are re-invigorated for the challenges of work, play and life in general.


Bro-ga: made for guys (& gals) who are new to yoga; beginner-friendly, no-flexibility & no yoga experienced required. Work on common problem areas as a weekend warrior (hips and hamstrings). Bro-ga is a great way to get started with yoga: building mobility, flexibility, strength & balance in a fitness-centric yoga program

Foundations: Explore the base postures of all yoga.  Developing a stronger foundation allows you to dive deeper into more advanced asana.

Hatha: A classic practice working through standing, seated and lying postures for strength, balance & flexibility.

Strong: Less flow, longer holds creates strength and focus. Yin style finishers focus on opening the body.

Sun Salute: Wake up and work through a series of sun salutes and variations as the early dawn rises.

Vinyasa: A balanced mix of strength and length with no two classes being the same.

Yin/Restorative: Long supported holds assist in opening the fascia while bringing a sense of calm.


Aquacise Classes

Aqua Bootcamp (Shallow)

Water adds an element of nature to your training that no machine can offer. Create your own resistance, meaning you are always in control of the level at which you workout. The harder you push, the harder the workout is going to be. Wanting an easy recovery day? Simply reduce the tempo for less resistance.  Improve overall fitness, strength, power and function.


Deep Water Workout (DWW)

Explore the benefits of deep water aqua with this total body workout that uses varying tempos, hand positions and ranges of motion to modify movement intensity. Improve your mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance.



Trico at Home:  Still Available!

We remain committed to providing fitness solutions from the comfort of your own home.  Become a Trico at Home member to gain access to our large library of pre-recorded classes -- expertly coached by one of your favourite instructors!

Virtual offerings include Core XPress, Pure Strength, Cardio Sculpt, Cardio Core, Hi Lo, Motivate, Yin/Restore Yoga, Yoga Foundations, Yoga Strong, Slow Flow for Strength and Pilates.