40-Day REACH YOUR PEAK Fitness Challenge

This winter, Trico Centre challenges you....
      to REACH YOUR PEAK in Health and Wellness!

Registration is free for members and a 40-Day Challenge Fitness Pass is available for non-members!

Register at Guest Services, at the Fitness Desk or online using code 040.

Watch this space for motivational quotes, fitness tips, and links to our weekly workouts and challenges!


Want to get started on the right foot?  Follow the link to our PERSONAL GOAL SHEET and set your goals for the 40-Day Challenge.

Personal Goal Sheet

Daily workouts and challenges are posted below!

Enjoy and remember also to follow our daily workout and challenge videos on Facebook and Instagram Stories (@tricocentre.ca).   Fridays are always FitDice Fridays; roll the dice and take your chances following the guide up in the fitness centre.

Remember, choose the Standard version of each workout if you are just starting out and the more challenging version if you've been working out for a while and have a base of strength.  Our fitness monitors are standing by if you'd like more modifications!

Completing two challenges a week gets you a day off the gym that you can use any day of the challenge.  Simply mark your earned day off in your your tracking sheet and give yourself a sticker for your chosen "off" day.