Fall Fitness Challenge - FitnessLand!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Join us October 1 - October 31 for our FitnessLand Challenge!
Open to members and non-members (grab a $55 FitnessLand Challenge Pass) to participate! 

Find out just how much fun it is to work out regularly, stay motivate and learn new exercises to incorporate into your routine! Register online (code 671) or at Guest Services!

FitnessLand Rules (Runs October 1st - October 31st)

Who Can Register? 

  • Anyone.  Registration is free for members and non-members alike.  Non-members can buy a $55 Fitness Challenge Pass from Guest Services to gain access to Trico for the month of October.

How Does it Work?

  • Participants complete a daily challenge workout at Trico for maximum of 31 days within the challenge period.
  • Each registered patron will be given a sign in sheet to record the challenge workout performed and the points gained from that workout.
  • Every workout will come with a designated number of points (longer/harder workouts will be worth more).  At the end of the challenge, your point tally will determine how many entries to the prize draw you may “purchase”.
  • A maximum of 1 class/workout/stretching routine per day will be tracked plus points collected during that period up to a maximum of 31 workouts/classes/stretching routines.

How Will Patrons Determine Which Workout To Do?

  • Participants spin a wheel to obtain their daily workout.
  • Dark Blue = Cardio-Based Workouts
  • Purple = Bodyweight Workouts
  • Yellow = TRX Workouts
  • Light Blue = Stretch/Release Sessions
  • Orange = Try Something New (a piece of equipment or class)
  • Green = Medicine Ball Workouts
  • Pink = Try Your Luck, Pick a Card
  • There are 5 different workouts for each type of workout above.  Some are be shorter, some longer, some easier, some harder.  Patrons may pick any workout of the colour they landed on when they spun the wheel.
  • If patrons do not wish to do the type of workout they landed on, they must remove 20 points from their points tally and either perform their own workout or class or spin again.