Covid-19 Updates

With the announcement from the Government of Alberta on February 8th, Trico Centre is moving ahead with making changes to our facility to comply with the changing restrictions. As it will take us a little bit of time to fully remove the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP), we will be starting with the removal of the requirement for proof of vaccination or negative testing for visitors to the facility effective today, February 9th.

Masking for children under the age of 12 will be removed as of Monday, February 14th. However, if anyone is more comfortable with a mask, please keep wearing it.

As of Monday, March 7th, we will be withdrawing our internal Mandatory Covid 19 Vaccination Policy. We encourage you to be kind and respectful to each other - staff, volunteers, members, and other patrons alike - during this transition period. In keeping with OHS recommendations, please continue to social distance where possible, complete extra cleaning / sanitizing and wash your hands frequently, to limit the spread of all respiratory illnesses and please stay home if you are feeling unwell to limit the spread.

Our team recently sent out a member survey asking about comfort levels with potential changes to restrictions and we greatly appreciate all the responses received so far. It will take us a few days to completely review everyone’s responses, as they are still coming in. Trico Centre is a multi-use facility and Management must consider all areas and uses when making decisions on changes to how facility areas operate, and your patience and understanding is appreciated.

We are keeping the additional measures of reserving your space in fitness classes, the pool, hot tub, gymnasium, and arena in place with no changes, and facility hours and capacity will remain as they currently are. Although provincial restrictions are changing, and more of our members and customers feel safer at our facility, we ask for your continued patience as we work to expand capacities and offer more group activities. In addition to mandated capacity limits, we have had difficulty finding specific staff for specific areas within Trico Centre. We look forward to extending facility hours and capacities when we retain a sufficient number of employees in every department to meet your needs safely and structurally.

As always, Trico Centre is committed to safety and will continue with our high cleaning standards, individual buckets in the fitness centre, and disinfecting fogging as we move forward.

Again, we ask that anyone who is feeling ill to please remain at home until you are better, and to keep masks on.

As the REP and other restrictions are removed, we will be updating our website and providing notices. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Trico Centre Management.


Tenants within the facility will be responsible for mandating and enforcing the Alberta Government policies within their specific areas. Some tenants are exempt as they provide wellness or personal services.

Out of School Care specific questions can be directed to