Learn to Skate All Ages

Trico Centre offers our very own Learn to Skate program for ages 2 years – Adult located on one of our NHL size arenas (Arena #1). Our popular 6-level children’s programming is dedicated to creating life-long enjoyment of skating, while building confidence, safety, and fun while out on the ice. Each level focuses on the natural progression of learning to skate in a non-competitive environment. Report cards are issued on the last day of lessons, and advancement recommendations are based both on skill ability, and child confidence and comfort while on the ice.


Learn to Skate Lessons Offered at Trico Centre

Parent & Tot  |   Preschool to Youth  |  Teens & Adults  |  Private Lessons  |  Skate Abilities

Parent & Tot Preschool Youth 1 Youth 2 - Youth 6
30 min 30 min 30 min 45 min
2-4 years 4-5 years 6-12 years 6-12 years


Parent & Tot
(2 -4 years, with parent)

Parent & Tot 1
Our Parent & Tot 1 program is for children who have never skated, and are unable to stand on the ice independently. We will learn how to stand on our own and march across the ice through games and songs. Parents fully participate to support and encourage your new skater.

Parent & Tot 2
Our Parent & Tot 2 program is for children who can stand on the ice independently and are ready for some new skills. We will learn how to glide, make snow, jump and more, through games and songs. Parents fully participate to support and encourage your new skater.


Preschool - Youth

Preschool (ages 4-5 years old)
Youth (ages 6-12 years old)

Level 1
This program is for participants who are on skates for the first time and are unable to stand on the ice unassisted. Parents may be asked to assist their child on the ice as they learn how to stand and march across the ice.

Level 2
For participants who are able to stand up unassisted, march with alternating feet across the width of the ice without falling,

Level 3
For participants who are able to push and glide with alternating feet, backwards skate across the width of the ice, and slow plow stop.

Level 4
For participants who can push and glide forwards and backwards with ease, we will also introduce crossovers and side stops.

Level 5
This level will work to improve forward crossover and introduce back crossovers, we will also learn three turns and forward inside and outside edges.

Level 6
This is the final level in our program; we will learn mohawks and 1 foot stops while fine tuning previously learned skills.


Teens & Adults

Teen & Adult Lessons (12yr+)
For participants who have always wanted to skate, or just improve your skills. Helmets are mandatory.


Private Learn to Skate

Private Lessons (4yrs+) (currently unavailability)
Enjoy the benefit of 1 on 1 instruction on the ice and improve on specific skills or work your way into a group lesson.


Skate Abilities

Skate Abilities (6-12yrs) 45 mins (not offered at this time)
This program is geared for children ages 6-12, with special needs, who need additional support to achieve their beginning skating goals and increase their safety, independence,and enjoyment on the ice.  All participants must have an aid on the ice with them at all times.

Safety is the utmost importance and we ask you to abide by the following guidelines for the safety of the children and our Coaches:
  • Keep all doors closed while the Olympia is cleaning the ice and do not enter the ice surface.
  • Keep your child off of the ice until the Coaches come to greet you and open the doors.
  • Only participants registered in the program are permitted on the ice during the lesson times. No strollers, car seats or children not on skates allowed on the ice.
  • Only Parent & Tot adults are permitted on the ice unless requested specifically by the coach or Team Lead
  • Any adult not on skates must clean their shoes prior to stepping on the ice. Dirt and rocks become dangerous if skaters skate over them leading to falls and damage to skate blades
  • ALL skaters must enter and exit through the dressing rooms only



What measures have you put in place to keep my child safe while participating in programs?

  • Program numbers have been decreased to 4 participants per class in order to keep the participants and staff at a safe distance.
  • Dressing rooms are labeled for capacity and distancing stickers are set up to the 2m distancing guidelines.
  • Extra training to all coaches has been provided.
  • Increased sanitization and disinfection have been added to the dressing rooms and high traffic areas.
  • All program equipment is cleaned, disinfected and sanitized regularly in accordance with Alberta Health requirements.

This is our first time at Skate lessons, where do we go?
On your registration receipt, you'll receive the information regarding your first lesson and dressing room allocation with a reminder email one week prior to lessons.

What should we bring/wear?

  • Helmet: All participants MUST wear a CSA approved Hockey or Ski helmet (NO bicycle helmets permitted). We cannot permit any child on the ice without a helmet. Parents are not required to wear helmets during Learn to Skate classes. Face Cages are not mandatory but are recommended

  • Sharpened Skates – If you have just purchased Skates please make sure they are sharpened prior to getting on the ice. Visit a store such as Sport Chek or Canadian Tire to get them sharpened. Dull blades make it very difficult to balance, and your child will not be able to participate as well as they would be able to with sharp blades. We recommend single blade lace up skates, and we do not recommend the strap on blades for young children.

  • Mittens or Gloves

  • Snow or Ski Pants

Where are the dressing rooms, and do they get locked?
We use Dressing Rooms 1, 2, 4, 5 during the lesson times. Please ensure you check the tv scheduler on your way to the dressing rooms for up-to-date dressing room information.

Can I join my child in the dressing room / on the ice?
Only one parent per participant is allowed to enter the dressing room. Only participants and coaches are permitted past the dressing room doors, unless you are registered in a parent and tot class.  For Preschool 1 and Youth 1 parents/guardians may be asked to assist the participant on the ice until they can comfortably stand up on their own.

It’s my child’s first time skating, can I bring a skate aid?
No, the first level is to teach children how to stand a fall safely and confidently on their own. We will ask you to remove any aid from the ice.

What if I don’t know what level my child should be in?
Please look at the descriptions or contact us to discuss your child’s skill abilities so we can fit them in the right level.

The level I registered my child in isn’t the right one, can I switch them?
No, we have limited class sizes and are not able to move participants to different levels at this time. Our coaches will teach to the level the participant is at.

Do I have to wear Skates in the Parent & Tot lessons?
No, in fact we ask any adult not confident on skates to wear shoes. You will be bending over a lot, which many parents find it tiring on their back. Shoes must be closed toe, flat sole (no heels) for your safety.

Why am I not allowed to just cross the ice quickly to get to the viewing area?
As it may “look” like there is a lot of space, when you are crossing the ice you are actually cutting and interrupting the lesson area. Also this is a safety concern for yourself if a fall happens, and for the skaters as well, as shoes track dirt and rocks which become a hazard.

Why did my child’s class time change or get cancelled?
Some classes have very low registration and as such we will combine or cancel classes. This may result in changes to the schedule and new class times. If we need to cancel a class we do our best to work with you on finding another suitable time, taking into consideration other children you may have registered. We do not enjoy cancelling classes and understand it can be very disappointing. You will receive an email from our Programs Management Team if this affects your class and the options available.

Are there any funding options at Trico Centre to help with class fees?
Yes! We are proud to partner with Kidsport, and Canadian Tire Jumpstart, as well as the City of Calgary Fee Assistance. Contact Guest Services for more information or visit our Trico Cares page

How will information about classes be communicated?
We communicate through email for all class information, including our Session Welcome Letter, Long Weekend Reminders, Cancelled Classes, and Changes to your Class. Please ensure your email is up-to-date with us through your online account or contacting Guest Services. 

How do I contact the Programs Management Team?
We would love to hear from you! Please contact us if you have questions, concerns, programming suggestions, if it’s your first time and you want to know more about our programming. For quickest communication please email us.