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What is SwimAbilities?

SwimAbilities is a 4 level swimming program that is designed to break down swimming skills into small manageable components with logical progressions and lots of opportunities for success.

The program is geared for children ages 3-16, with special needs, who need additional support to achieve their beginning swimmer goals and to increase their safety, independence, and enjoyment in and around the water.

Each class is 45 minutes long with 30 minutes class time, and 15 minutes transition time for play and getting out of the pool.
We chose to be one of the first facilities to implement this program because it fits with our values of Wellness, Safety, Partnership and it also fills a programing gap for an important part of the Community.

For more information about the program please call 403-225-5564



SwimAbilities is returning Thursdays, January 19 - March 16, 2023. 
Registration is now open!

Class Full?

If the program is full, please join the waitlist. 
You can also submit your contact information and we'll alert you of any new available offerings. 


Who is the SwimAbilities Program for?

Any child age 3-16 who is unable to swim more than 5 meters on their front or back without assistance and for children who would benefit from a slower paced program, visual support, one-on-one assistance, personalized modifications or their programing, or a “just-right challenge”.

Does the child need a parent, caregiver, or aide in the water?

Every child must have a parent, caregiver, or aide in the water. This allows for every child to receive appropriate support and practice time for each of the activities, as well as provides additional safety supervision for the child.

How do I know what SwimAbilities level to register in?

  • If the child has never taken swimming lessons, and cannot put their face in the water, the child should be registered in SwimAbilities 1.
  • If the child can put their face in the water and blow bubbles, and can be held in a front or back float position, the child should be registered in SwimAbilities 2.
  • If the child can independently float on their front AND back (with or without help starting and recovering), the child should be registered in SwimAbilities 3.
  • If the child can swim 5 meters on either their front or back, and can perform a rollover in the water unassisted, the child should be registered in SwimAbilities 4.

If you are unsure what level your son or daughter should be registered, call the Aquatics Office at  403-225-5564 to book a free swim assessment.


How will a child benefit from the SwimAbilities Program?

Because the program is designed to break swimming components into small steps, every child is able to experience success to some degree. This in turn allows for increased confidence, increased enjoyment of the activities, and increased likelihood of success. Many children learn the basics of swimming from the program.