Admissions Pricing

General Admission

General Admission includes full-day access to the Fitness Centre (including drop-in fitness classes), Aquatics Centre (wave pool, waterslide, steam room, hot tub) and Drop-In Gym (Nerf Wars, anyone?).

Note General Admission does not include Shinny Hockey, Leisure Skate or Child Care - separate admission fees apply.

Want to bring a large group to our facility for a swim or skate? We offer special rates for Group Admissions. Please contact our Facilities Rental Director. To rent the pool, arenas, meeting rooms, etc. check our rental options.

*Reservations are now required for all pool and arena admissions 


Daily Admission (GST included)
Categories Daily 10-Visit
Infant (under 2 years) Free Free
Preschooler (2-6 years) $3.25 $29.25
Child (7-11 years) $5.75 $51.75
Teen (12-17 years) $8.50 $76.50
Adult (18-59 years) $14.75 $132.75
(2 Adults, children under 18 included)
$29.50 $265.50

Single Adult Family
(1 Adult, children under 18 included)

$22.00 $198.00
Senior (60+ years) $8.50 $76.50

Leisure Skate and Shinny Hockey Admission

Ice Admission (GST included)
Leisure Skating Daily 10-Visit
Infant (under 2 years) Free Free
Preschooler (2-6 years) $1.75 -
Child/Teen (7-17 years) $3.50 $31.50
Adult (18-59 years) $6.25 $56.25
Family (1 or 2 Adults, 2 children under 18 included) $14.75 $132.75
Senior (60+ years) $4.25 $38.25
Shinny Hockey Daily 10-Visit
Adults $9.00 $81.00
Youth $6.25 $56.25
Stick & Puck $6.25 $56.25

Aquatics Admissions 

Swim Specials (GST included)
Categories Fee
Early Bird Swim Special 50% off daily
Parent & Tot (2-6 years) Swim $7/parent & $1.25/tot
Last Hour Specials $4.25/per person
Sunday Family Fun Swim Night $4.25/per person

Childcare Hourly Fees

Kids Korner Fees (maximum 2 hour visit)
Visit Payment Options Hourly Rate 10-Visit Pass 30-Visit Pass
Member $6/child $80/child $180/child
Public $6/child $85/child $210/child